Jordan Lee Jeffrey Freitag (Image courtesy Renville County Attorney’s Office.)

On Friday, July 29, the Renville County Attorney’s Office filed complaints of criminal sexual conduct against two Renville County residents. Jordan Lee Jeffrey Freitag, age 23, of Danube, and Kelsey Marie Jones, age 20, of Willmar are both charged based on reports alleging their involvement in an incident which occurred on July 24-25 involving a 13 year old minor.

Kelsey Marie Jones (Image courtesy Renville County Attorney’s Office.)

Both defendants were released on $150,000 unconditional bail and $75,000 conditional bail, which included conditions such as no contact with the victim or the victim’s residence, no possession of pornographic works, no access to social media without NetNanny applications, no firearms, no use or possession of controlled substances, random testing, and pre-trial supervision. Freitag was ordered to have no contact with minors.

The Renville County Attorney’s Office, as well as all law enforcement, continue to encourage the public reporting of any concerning sexually explicit social media images received or posted involving minors.