Mirror of the Sky

Three finalists have been chosen for the new Minnesota state flag design. The State Emblems Redesign Commission announced Tuesday they had narrowed the design options to  entries which will move forward “with modifications.”

The three finalists include, “Mirror of the Sky (F944),” which “pays tribute to Minnesota’s diverse and dynamic landscape, with wisps of snow, clouds, and aurora reflected by pristine, bending waters, and a guiding, four-pointed North Star inspired by the symbols and astronomy of Dakota and Ojibwe tribes,” according to the artist notes.

Entry F1953, according to the designer’s statement: “In navy is the abstract shape of Minnesota. A white northern star represents our state’s motto: L’etoile du Nord, meaning “star of the north”, and also represents a symbol of unity above a land of diversity.”

Star of the North
Star of the North

Finally, entry F2100 is a white north start for a north star state.  The blue represents the sky-blue waters of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, while the green represents the state’s green forests, natural wilderness areas, and abundant crops.

Next, the graphic designers will create additional mockups of the designs based on modifications discussed by the Redesign Commission on Tuesday evening.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners approved modifications to the state seal selected last week. The modifications include:

  • Making the loon’s eye red
  • Not including the year (1858)
  • Not including the motto (L’etoile du Nord)
  • Including Mni Sóta Makoc̣e (“Land where the waters reflect the sky” in Dakota)

The State Emblems Redesign Commission was established in the 2023 legislative session to develop and adopt a new design for the official state seal and a new design for the official state flag by January 1, 2024.