Getty Images, editorial

A Redwood Falls man, Rogelio Uballe III, age 29, has been sentenced in Redwood County Court for drug and vandalism felonies that occurred during separate incidents over a year apart.

The first, on Oct. 2, 2021, started with a Redwood Falls Police Officer responding to a report of a man standing by the side of Highway 101 down to North Redwood, waving a passing drivers. The officer didn’t find the man, but did find a bundle of clothing on the road. The officer was aware that Uballe had been observed carrying the bundle earlier in the night.

A check-in at a local hotel turned up Uballe. At the county jail, Uballe tested positive for THC, while his wallet contained a fentanyl pill. At the time, Uballe was already on parole for two previous drug possession convictions.

The second incident was on Christmas day, 2022. Officers of the Lower Sioux Police Department responded to a residence near Morton on a report of a disturbance. Officers noted Uballe standing outside without shoes or a coat, while witnesses stated he was under the influence of methamphetamine, fentynal, and alcohol. One witness stated Uballe had been awake since he had been released from jail three days earlier.

The witnesses also stated Uballe had attacked both of them with a golf club, and smashed the windshield and window of one victim’s car. At the time, Uballe already had two prior convictions for domestic events.

On April 24, Uballe was sentenced for felony drug and property to damage crimes to a total of 120 days local confinement, three years supervised probation, fines and fees of $470.