A Redwood Falls man, Michael Shane Clemon, age 42, was sentenced in Redwood County court in March for burglary at a hog barn.

According to court documents, on June 20, 2020, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a hog barn owner reporting a break-in and stolen items. The burglar most likely entered through a window and took items worth about $8,000. A deputy took photographs of shoe prints left at the scene.

Investigators eventually concluded Clemon had committed the burglary. Evidence included the fact that a witness testified that Clemon had sold him a pressure washer that had been taken from the barn. A search warrant performed at Clemon’s residence located many other items taken from the hog barn. Also, the tread on one of Clemon’s shoes matched those in the shoe print photographs.

Also, investigation showed that Clemon had made several phone calls to a known conspirator in other thefts made in the area at the time.

On March 28, Michael Shane Clemon was sentenced for felony third degree burglary to 29 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud.