The Redwood Area School District is going to the voters on Nov. 2 to give their choice about how much funding the district receives.

The first question is about renewing the existing operating levy. That one will not increase anyone’s property taxes since it only keeps in place a policy decided 10 years ago.

The second question would raise property taxes by increasing the amount of funding for each student by $138 per pupil in the district. If voters reject the second issue, the school district stands to lose about $427,000 in funding every year.
However, the district’s ability to make cuts is limited by state and federal mandates and regulations, and union agreements.

Superintendent Becky Cselovszki told KLGR this week that if the funding request is rejected:

Other projects not affected by the vote include the new parking lot for the high school / middle school, and possible eventual replacement of the Reede Gray Elementary School facility. Those projects would be funded by completely different sources.