Fort Ridgely image courtesy Minnesota DNR.

An area historical society that shut down due to COVID several years ago is considering starting up again, and looking to see if there’s interest in the region.

Randy Krzmarzick of rural Sleepy Eye, one of the organizers, stated The Friends of Fort Ridgely will hold a reorganization meeting on Tuesday, August 30. The gathering will be at the Upper Picnic Shelter at Fort Ridgely State Park beginning at 7 p.m. Past members are invited, along with anyone with an interest in the park and the historic site. 

The Friends of Fort Ridgely were founded in 1998, and were active for years promoting the park and historic site. They were involved with events such as School Days, Children’s Theater, and Mike Lynch Stargazing. The Friends even operated the museum for a while. As time passed, some volunteers have left or moved away. Circumstances and then Covid caused the organization to go on hiatus for a few years.

Now the Board would like to see if there is interest in reactivating The Friends of Fort Ridgely. There remain many attractions for a broad range of visitors to Fort Ridgely, including hikers, horse riders, campers, bird watchers, sledders, or history buffs.

Fort Ridgely image courtesy Minnesota DNR.

Future focus and particular projects of the Friends of Fort Ridgely going forward will be determined by members. But first, the Board wants to see if there is enough interest to reinvigorate the group. If you have questions or are unable to attend August 30, please call Paula Weier, 507-426-8184.