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A Willmar man, Mario Bautista Jr., age 41, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for vandalizing a car and threatening its owner.

According to court records, on Nov. 7, 2023, the Lower Sioux Police Force was patrolling the Jackpot Junction Casino parking lot when he noticed Bautista walking about talking to himself, and walking with poor balance. When asked if he was all right, Bautista yelled at the officer and began beating on a vehicle that did not belong to him. The owner of the vehicle was present, and Bautista threatened to kill him and his family.

As he was being arrested, Bautista yelled and swore at officers, and struck the police squad car.

Damage to the vandalized vehicle was later estimated to be around $2,000.

On April 8, Bautista was sentenced for felony-level threats of violence and damage to property to a total of 12 days local confinement, three years supervised probation, fines and fees of $485, and 40 hours community service.