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City of Redwood Falls looking for public’s input about making streets and sidewalks more handicapped accessible

Recently the City of Redwood Falls did a study to find out how many of the city’s sidewalks, trails, and pedestrian ramps are compliant with the federal American Disabilities Act (ADA). The final result: using current rates, engineers estimate it would take up to $2.4 million dollars to get all of Redwood Falls’ streets and sidewalks ADA compliant.

Working with engineers, the City of Redwood Falls has put together a plan to get the City’s streets and sidewalks ADA compliant on a reasonable budget and schedule. As it happens, up to 71% of the problem areas identified in the survey are already set to be improved by projects currently planned by the City for the next 10 years.

For example, the 4th Street Reconstruction Project of 2023 will take care of many non-compliant street and sidewalk features for that specific street.

Why did the City do the ADA Transition Plan? Because one is required for the City be eligible for federal funding such as the federal portion of the planned 4th Street reconstruction in 2023.

Starting Thursday, Jan. 27 through Thursday, Feb. 17, the City of Redwood Falls is making available to the public the ADA Transition Plan, looking for public comments about the city’s approach to getting the streets and sidewalks ADA compliant.
The engineering firm of Bolton & Menk Inc., which helped develop the plan, will review the comments and their responses with a request to approve the ADA Transition Plan by majority vote at the March 1 Redwood Falls City Council meeting.

Copies of the Plan, which document the findings and compliance process, along with the anticipated social and economic impacts, can be accessed at the city’s website:

Written comments will be accepted through February 17. Comments should be submitted to Jim Doering, Public Works Project Coordinator, 333 S. Washington Street, PO Box 526, Redwood Falls, MN 56283, (507) 616-7400, or [email protected]

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