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A Cannon Falls man, Mathew James Lindell, age 38, was found guilty last week in Renville County court of Driving While Impaired in the Fourth Degree.

According to court documents, on March 10 a Renville County deputy stopped the vehicle Lindell was driving after observing the vehicle speeding, crossing the center and fog lines, and almost going off the road. The deputy testified he gave the driver the benefit of the doubt due to the weather and road conditions, but after following the vehicle for over four miles, decided that there was more going on.

Lindell performed a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and showed indicators of impairment on all tests performed. Additionally, Lindell’s preliminary breath test (PBT) result was 0.103 breath alcohol content, and his DataMaster (DMT) Test result was 0.09 breath alcohol content. The legal limit in the State of Minnesota is 0.08 breath alcohol content.

The defense questioned the validity of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and the DataMaster Test, but the deputy and a Renville County sergeant testified to the extensive amount of training and certifications they have obtained, the DMT’s accuracy, and the various checks and balances the machine goes through before administering a result.

Lindell was sentenced following the jury verdict. Defendant received a stay of execution of his sentence and one year of probation. Lindell is required to complete a comprehensive assessment and follow any recommendations, attend a Mothers Against Drug Driving (MADD) panel, abstain from possession or use of alcohol, submit to random testing to assure compliance, is prohibited from entering bars, liquor stores, or casinos, and is required to follow all rules of probation and remain law abiding. Lindell did not receive a jail sentence.