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A Morton man, Ronald Wayne Pendleton, age 56, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for drug offenses after accidentally breaking a glass meth pipe in the back of a police squad car.

According to court documents, on June 16, 2023, the Lower Sioux Police Department was called to a residence after being told an individual who had a warrant for his arrest had been asked to leave. While there, the officer recognized Pendleton there, who also had a warrant for his arrest.

While Pendleton was being transported to the Redwood County jail, the officer noted the sound of glass breaking in the back seat, where Pendleton was. When the seat was inspected later, it was found to have the broken remains of a glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine.

On April 15, Pendleton was sentenced for felony drug possession to 15 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed for three years, supervised probation for three years, local confinement for 118 days, and fines and fees of $335.