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There wasn’t really anything unexpected Tuesday evening in Redwood County when the polls closed for the 2024 presidential primaries. By 11:15 p.m. the results were in from the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries Tuesday evening.

As expected, Donald Trump won the Republican primary in Redwood County by a landslide, 850 votes. Second place went to Nikki Haley, with 233 votes. Other candidates on the ballot received a few votes despite having dropped out of the race earlier in the season, but after the ballots had been printed.

On the Democratic side Joe Biden won 156 votes. Minnesotan Dean Phillips received 29 votes despite having dropped out of the race, while “uncommitted” came in third place, with 22 votes.

The candidates for the Legalize Marijuana Now party also received a total of five votes in Redwood County, three of them write-ins.