A Redwood Falls man, Matthew John Sonnichsen, age 45, was sentenced in Redwood County District Court after multiple types of drugs were found in the vehicle he was driving during a traffic stop.

According to court records, on the evening of May 28, 2020, a Redwood Falls Police Officer was on patrol. At the intersection of South Gould Street and Normandale Road, he noticed a vehicle make several turns without using a turn signal. He stopped the vehicle in a parking space, and the driver, Sonnichsen, got out and approached the police car.

A quick check showed Sonnichsen’s drivers license had been canceled, and the registration of the vehicle was for another type of car. A search of the vehicle turned up illegal aerial fireworks, several types of improperly-labeled prescription medications, and small bags of marijuana and methamphetamine. Sonnichsen admitted he had last used meth about 12 hours earlier, and could feel it wearing off.

On Oct. 31, Sonnichsen was sentenced for counts of controlled substance crime in the fifth degree; traffic regulation uninsured vehicle; DWI in the third degree; and driving after cancellation. Penalties include a total of 365 days local confinement, stayed for 335 days for two years with credit for 10 days time served, supervised probation for two years, and fees and fines of $985.