A Morgan man, Korwin Lucio Balsley, age 37, has been sentenced in Redwood County Court for over 20 years in prison for sexual assault involving a minor.

According to court documents, on June 14, 2021, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of a sexual assault that occurred at a residence in rural Morgan about six years earlier. The victim told investigators she had been nine years old when the assault happened.

Later investigation indicated the victim had attempted to tell several friends and relatives of the incident in following years, and had spoken with counselors. Law enforcement apparently learned of the incident from a mandated reporter in the summer of 2021. The victim was able to identify and correctly describe details of the residence where the assault allegedly occurred, corroborating reports from independent witnesses.

On Nov. 17 of this year, Korwin Lucio Balsley was sentenced in Redwood County Court for two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree, to 250 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud.