Getty Images, editorial

A Willmar man, Kevin Wertz, age 34, has been charged in Kandiyohi County Court after allegedly stealing a gun and several ice cream bars from a house’s freezer, then leaving in a car. Meeker County Deputies spotted Wertz while he was driving the vehicle wearing a ski mask and eating ice cream.

According to KWLM, court records say the homeowners were at their home at 90th Ave SW taking an afternoon nap on Jan. 29 when Wertz came in through two unlocked doors. He allegedly picked up a .22 caliber revolver with a soft case, several ice cream bars from the freezer and a pair of binoculars.

Wertz allegedly then opened a door to the kitchen, went into the living room and was confronted by the male homeowner, who told him to leave. Wertz reportedly held the gun under his shoulder, stood in the living room eating an ice cream bar, and said something undecipherable. On his way out, Wertz stopped at the door, yelled “boom” and left.

Wertz, who had warrants out for two previous incidents, was charged with two counts of First-Degree Burglary while in Possession of a Dangerous Weapon in an Occupied Dwelling.