Documents released by the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office offer details into the agriculture provisions in the U.S.-China phase one trade agreement. 

USTR Robert Lighthizer says China will purchase and import, on average, at least $40 billion of U.S. food, agricultural and seafood products annually for a total of at least $80 billion over the next two years. 

Products will cover the full range of U.S. agriculture. U.S. exports of pork products were $700 million in 2017 and are expected to reach $1.7 billion annually in the next two to three years. 

China will expand the scope of beef products allowed to be imported, eliminate age restrictions on cattle slaughtered for export to China, and recognize the U.S. beef and beef products’ traceability system. 

The Department of Agriculture estimates U.S. beef and beef product exports to China could reach $1 billion annually. 

Further, China has agreed to implement a transparent, predictable, efficient, science- and risk-based regulatory process for the evaluation and authorization of products of agricultural biotechnology.