The Department of Agriculture Monday announced changes to the World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report starting next month. 

The changes impact how USDA presents data for sugar and dairy in the monthly report. 

The sugar WASDE table will have a separate line listing under “Imports” for High-tier tariff imports. 

The new line will appear directly below the line for imports from Mexico. 

Footnote 5, which once referenced imports from Mexico, and high-tier tariff sugar and syrups not otherwise specified, will be eliminated. 

The U.S. Dairy Supply and Use table will remove CCC Donations as a separate category and include all donations as part of domestic use. 

As such, stocks, imports, exports, and use will reflect total rather than commercial use, and the headings will be adjusted accordingly. 

The monthly WASDE report provides annual forecasts for supply and use of U.S. and world wheat, rice, coarse grains, oilseeds, and cotton, and U.S. supply of sugar, meat, poultry eggs and milk.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)