The Senate committees tasked with markup and approval of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement are planning to do so quickly. 

The agreement must be approved through the committees before reaching the full Senate. 

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who’s panel has already approved the agreement, Thursday said, “it takes just a short period of time” for other committees to review the implementing legislation. 

However, the impeachment impasse could end as early as Friday, further casting a cloud on just when the full Senate will consider USMCA. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’ll send the articles of impeachment “when I’m ready,” indicating that could be soon. 

Meanwhile, Senate Leader Mitch McConnel says the Senate will move on with other work until Pelosi sends the articles of impeachment. 

And, Grassley says the Senate is “not going to dilly-dally around while we’re waiting to see what Speaker Pelosi wants to do on impeachment,” adding, the Senate committees will act very quickly next week.