Russia stands accused of stealing several hundred thousand tons of grain from the parts of Ukraine it currently controls. 

Business Insider says Ukraine’s deputy agriculture minister made the accusation over the weekend. 

Another 1.5 million tons of grain are in territory Russia controls and are available to be stolen too. 

The Ukraine Foreign Ministry made the claim last week on Twitter, saying, “We demand that Russia stop illicit grain stealing, unblock Ukrainian ports, and allow ships to pass.” 

The humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion is only growing worse. 

The United Nations says over 1.7 billion people are at risk of poverty and famine due to disruption in Ukraine’s food production system. 

Ukraine’s ag minister says they’ve personally heard from many silo owners in the occupied territory about Russian forces stealing grain. 

The Kremlin denied the accusations that its forces are stealing grain, saying it was unaware of the source of that information.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)