Organic Valley cooperative recently announced admissions of reaching carbon neutrality through a new carbon insetting program. 

The cooperative of small, organic family farms plans to work towards a carbon-neutral food system through a carbon insetting program. 

The program will incentivize and assist Organic Valley farmers with implementing regenerative, climate-smart farming practices. 

The CCIP, or CROPP Carbon Insetting Program, is designed to help Organic Valley reach carbon neutrality through real-world, deep emission reductions and carbon sequestration on member farms. 

This program will help Organic Valley become the first major dairy brand to reduce farm emissions without reliance on carbon offsets. 

Practices being considered for the 2022 CCIP pilot include tree plantings, improved manure management, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and enhanced grazing and cropland practices. 

Carbon insetting continues to gain traction among companies seeking an earth-centered approach to supply chains and carbon impact. 

Organic Valley aims to become the first major dairy brand to achieve carbon-neutral farm emissions without relying on carbon offsets.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)