The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association executive committee unanimously approved efforts to work with the Department of Agriculture to address geographic origin statements. 

NCBA is firmly opposed to mandatory Country-of-Origin labeling and is seeking solutions which “will resolve the concerns of beef producers,” while protecting commerce and meet trade obligations. 

Specifically, NCBA is Looking at Food Safety and Inspection Service labeling requirements and verification procedures in place for beef products labeled as “Product of the U.S.A.,” “Made in the U.S.A.,” or similar origin claims. 

NCBA CEO Colin Woodall says that while many beef products currently advertised, marketed, or labeled as ‘Product of the U.S.A.’ are “likely compliant with current FSIS regulations, the potential for consumer confusion exists.” 

NCBA believes that beef labels with voluntary country-of-origin labeling marketing claims should be verified through existing USDA framework that is market-based and respects international trade commitments. 

The organization says it is critically important that any changes not trigger retaliatory tariffs from Mexico or Canada that have already been approved by the WTO.