The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is pleased with bipartisan legislation introduced in Congress that would provide flexible and common-sense relief from Hours of Service rules for agricultural haulers. 

The Responsible and Efficient Agriculture Destination Act would make sure that the current Hours of Service exemption that applies to the 150-air-mile radius from the source of an agricultural commodity adds the same radius flexibility to the back end of a trip or the destination. 

The bill also clarifies that this exemption would apply in every state on a year-round basis because agriculture and specifically livestock move across the country every day. 

“Agricultural haulers, especially those that move livestock, face very unique challenges that haulers in other industries don’t face,” says NCBA President Jennifer Houston. “This bill recognizes that need.” 

The bill was introduced in the House by Democrat Angie Craig of Minnesota and Republican Lloyd Smucker of Pennsylvania.

“On behalf of all cattle producers, I’d like to thank everyone that signed on to this bill, which works toward needed flexibility within Hours of Service regulations for our livestock haulers,” Houston added.