Tuesday, Senator Tammy Duckworth led a coalition of senators in sending a letter to President-elect Joe Biden requesting strong support of farmers and the biofuels industry. 

The Illinois Democrat and her colleagues called on the Biden Administration to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to reject pending Small Refinery Exemptions by applying the 10th Circuit Court’s decision nationwide. 

The lawmakers also call for the administration to quickly publish the Renewable Volume Obligations. 

Growth Energy supports the action, as CEO Emily Skor says, “this letter outlines the actions the Biden Administration needs to take to fulfill its campaign promises to rural America.” 

The letter comes as Reuters reports the Trump administration is considering last-minute action to approve three small refinery waivers. 

The approvals would be one of the Trump administration’s final efforts and could be announced yet this week. 

If granted, the waivers would apply to some exemptions for the 2019 compliance year.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)