Corteva Agriscience announced Monday its ten-year commitments to advance sustainability throughout the global food system. 

The goals span a wide range of initiatives for farmers, farmland, communities, and in its own operations. 

Improvements in soil health, on-farm productivity, climate action, water stewardship, biodiversity, supply chain transparency and worker safety, among others, are included. 

Corteva CEO James Collins, Jr. says, “Our mission to lead the entire agriculture industry toward better, more sustainable outcomes across the world is more important now than ever.” 

Corteva’s commitments will provide tools and training to help increase yield stability, optimize inputs and improve climate resilience. 

Commitments to soil health, water stewardship and biodiversity are also included. 

Corteva’s goals will champion and protect employees and people throughout the food system and the broader agriculture community. 

Within their business operations, the company is pledging to innovate sustainably, establish a climate strategy, use sustainable packaging, and increase their work sites’ sustainability efforts. 

Corteva will report progress toward these goals through an annual sustainability report starting in 2021.

Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service