The National Corn Growers Association CommonGround volunteers spend a lot of time building bridges between women on the farm and those who live in predominantly urban areas, far removed from farm life. 

Like everyone else in the country, COVID-19 has changed the way CommonGround volunteers do their work. 

They may not be hosting large events this summer as the volunteers have in the past, but they’ve taken time through the past few months to find opportunities to connect with women in urban and suburban areas for conversations on social media. 

From building relationships based in common experiences like learning to home school on the fly to sharing the story of farming through COVID-19, the volunteers continue to share the story of American agriculture and bridge the distance from their fields to families’ tables, but they’re doing it digitally this summer. 

CommonGround is an initiative based on starting a conversation between the women who grow food and those who buy it. 

The goal of all CommonGround volunteers is to talk about their personal experiences on the farm, as well as offer relevant science and research to help consumers sort through the myths and misinformation surrounding their food and how it’s raised.