China calls the Phase One agreement a “win” for both sides, following comments made during the State of the Union address this week by President Donald Trump. 

During the Tuesday evening speech, President Trump called the trade deal with China a “Win” for the United States, worth billions in new U.S. ag exports. 

Wednesday, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry responded to the comment, stating, “Sound and steady development of bilateral relations serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and meets the aspiration of the international community.” 

Trump signed the Phase One agreement in January. 

However, the benefits of the deal may now be delayed. 

The Coronavirus outbreak is thought to limit demand and could cause delays at Chinese ports. 

China offered a different tune, though, Wednesday, saying, “China and the U.S. are in close communication on the situation through diplomatic and health channels.” 

Earlier in the week, China claimed the U.S. “hasn’t provided any substantive assistance.” 

China is also seeking flexibility on trade deal rules due to the coronavirus outbreak.