Brazilian officials tell Bloomberg it’s a matter of “if, not when,” the U.S. will reopen its market to Brazil’s meat exports. 

The trade and foreign relations secretary for Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry says, “We are 100 percent confident that it will happen. Our meat has the necessary quality to be exported to the U.S. Our meat’s quality is not an issue.” 

No date has been set in stone yet as to when the U.S. will begin accepting imports from Brazil. 

The U.S. has several questions about the current state of Brazil’s beef industry. 

Brazil provided additional answers and is now waiting for the U.S. to finish its analysis of those answers. 

As recently as October, the U.S. informed Brazil it would keep the ban on fresh-beef imports in place. 

The U.S. suspended imports from the largest economy in Latin America back in 2017. American inspectors found Brazilian beef to contain blood clots and lymph nodes. 

Brazil said the findings were abscesses that came about from a reaction to components of a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. 

Because of that incident, Brazil reduced the vaccine dosage and made changes to the product’s compound.