Firestone Ag kicked off the 2022 Rock the Crop Concert Sweepstakes with Nashville-based country music artist Dillon Carmichael. 

The sweepstakes event is billed as a celebration of U.S. agriculture. 

Building on a successful giveaway of a private concert last year, the farm tire manufacturer and the musician are collaborating again to unite music and agriculture in honor of America’s hard-working farmers and ranchers. 

“The past couple of years have been especially challenging for agriculture workers, so we’re excited to have Dillon Carmichael back on board to join us in thanking one lucky farmer or rancher with a private concert,” says Matt Frank, Firestone marketing product manager. 

Indiana farmer Carey Garwood won the inaugural concert in 2021. 

This year’s winner will host that private concert with Carmichael on their farm or ranch. 

“I’m thrilled to continue this partnership with Firestone and to have such a unique opportunity to personally celebrate America’s farmers,” Carmichael says.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)