The Redwood Area School District Board of Education wants to know what you think about some potential upcoming building projects, such as a Reede Gray Elementary School upgrade or replacement, a safer and more secure entrance at the high school / middle school, and possible extracurricular upgrades.

As a result, the school board has contracted with a survey company to gather local input regarding a potential building project. The phone survey started Thursday, will be going on until Monday, April 4. The results will be used to help the Board of Education proceed with additional information on the needs of RASD facilities, and to set priorities about any upcoming projects.

The way it works is, as much of “Morris Leatherman Company” that can show up on caller id will appear on landlines. Cell phones will see either a 651 or 507 number, and the survey company will leave messages introducing themselves with callback information. This survey is conducted with a “live” person.

If you receive a call, the Redwood Area School District board asks that you answer the 8-10 min survey to give them valuable information moving forward.