Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel

A Moose Lake man, Ethan Marvin Anderson, age 23, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for attempting to cash a fraudulent check at a Redwood Falls bank.

According to court documents, on Jan. 31, 2022, the Redwood Falls Police Department was contacted by the Shakopee Police Department regarding a check forgery. According to Shakopee police, Ethan Anderson had purchased a 1996 Audi from a witness at the Hy-Vee Parking lot. The Audi had been paid for with a $4,000 check later returned to the seller as fraudulent.

The Audi was later found abandoned in a ditch in Meeker County. A search of the Audi turned up several gambling casino documents in Anderson’s name, as well as several check made out to him.

The seller told law enforcement he had been contacted by a Redwood Falls bank about someone attempting to cash a fraudulent check there in the seller’s name. The bank’s surveillance video showed someone who resembled Anderson, driving a car that resembled the one Anderson had been driving when he purchased the Audi.

On March 30, Ethan Anderson was convicted of felony check forgery and sentenced to 22 months in the correctional facility in St. Cloud.