A Marshall woman, Mackenzie Brooke Boni, age 27, was sentenced in Redwood County Court last week after assaulting several witnesses with a baseball bat.

According to court documents, on Dec. 12, 2021, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office was called to a scene of a domestic disturbance in Belview. The victim informed the deputy he had been attacked with a baseball bat in the residence by Boni. The deputy questioned Boni, who admitted she had been drinking at a local bar.

A witness testified she had seen Boni and the victim arguing in the bedroom, and that at one point Boni had been holding a baseball bat. A second witness testified he had heard Boni and the victim arguing in the bedroom, followed by the victim yelling, “Ow!” The second witness said he ran into the room to see the victim trying to restrain Boni. At one point Boni picked up the baseball bat again, and struck the second witness in the back.

A preliminary alcohol breath test showed a level of .236, and Boni was transported to CentraCare clinic for observation.

On July 14, Mackenzie Brooke Boni was sentenced for felony Domestic Assault to 85 days local confinement, with credit for 85 days time served, five years supervised probation, and fees and fines of $335.