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Lamberton man sentenced for drug, sexual assault charges

A former Lamberton man, Austin David Svejda, age 39, was sentenced in Redwood County District Court this month for criminal sexual and drug offenses that occurred two years ago.

According to court documents, on March 1, 2020,a female victim told law enforcement she had been at Svedja’s residence the night before, where he allegedly gave her wine and what she believed at the time were candies laced with THC or CBD. She said the next morning she awakened, went home, and felt to sick to go to work. She went to the hospital where a drug test showed positive for amphetimamine.

When the Lamberton Police Department used a search warrant to look over Svejda’s residence, they found a variety of marijuana and methamphetamine substances. Officers tried to locate Svejda, but his employers stated he had called in earlier that morning with a blown tire on his car. Officers called all the area tire shops, but all denied anyone had tried contacting them with a blown tire.

While the victim was meeting with the Lamberton Police Department office to fill out an order for protection, Svejda began texting her messages such as, “Are you the reason why my house got raided?”

Austin David Svejda, now of Mason City, Iowa, was sentenced on felony criminal sexual conduct in the third degree, and felony drugs, fifth degree, to a stay of adjudication, continued, local confinement 120 days, credit for time served 30 days, supervised probation five years, fees and fines $1,375.

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