Wisconsin Democratic Representative Ron Kind introduced his Family Farm Rescue Plan, which focuses on five steps the administration can take to support family farmers during the pandemic. 

The Third District Congressman points out that the COVID-19 pandemic threatens the livelihood of Wisconsin farmers, as well as producers across the country. In his home state, dairy farmers are being forced to dispose of thousands of gallons of fresh milk every day due to a significant drop in demand for dairy products. 

The actions include purchasing excess food and delivering it to food banks, ensuring all farmers are eligible for all small business relief programs, reopening the Dairy Margin Coverage Program, and ending the trade war while implementing USMCA. 

“Family farms are the backbone of our economy,” Kind says. “These are decisive actions the administration can take that don’t require the creation of new programs, legislation, or appropriation.” 

Kind points out that Wisconsin has led the nation in farm bankruptcies with an average of two farms closing per day. 

“The administration just has to decide whether or not to support our family farmers,” he adds.