The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement timeline remains uncertain. However, lawmakers seem certain they will pass the agreement, at the latest, following impeachment hearings. 

The House is still holding the articles of impeachment, alleging the Senate won’t agree to a fair trial. At issue is the that Senate must make impeachment a priority. 

Depending on how long a further review of USMCA takes in the Senate, and how long House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds the articles of impeachment, it will change the trajectory of USMCA. 

The Senate Finance Committee approved the agreement this week. 

However, a Senate parliamentarian has determined that eight other Senate committees must offer approval of the agreement. 

However, U.S. law states that the agreement will be discharged from those committees in 15 days, regardless of approval. 

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sends articles of impeachment to the Senate between now and whenever the committees approve the agreement, perhaps next week, the USMCA implementing legislation would have to wait until the impeachment trial is over, likely at the end of this month.