A majority of equipment dealers don’t support striking John Deere workers, according to a recent poll from Farm Equipment Magazine. 

The poll found roughly 54 percent of dealers indicated they do not support the strike, while 37 percent said they did, and 8.5 percent weren’t sure. 

Deere workers have rejected two tentative contract agreements since the strike began. UAW members voted to reject the most recent offer, with 55 percent voting against and 45 percent voting for the agreement. 

The results show just four of the 12 Deere facilities included voted against the tentative agreement. 

Following the vote, a spokesperson for Deere and Company says there will not be a third contract offer to striking union workers. Farm Equipment Magazine reports commentary from dealers who do not support the strike suggested Deere’s record profits don’t necessarily mean employees should see raises. 

Dealers that do support the strike accused Deere of prioritizing its shareholders.

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Service)