Benson Hill recently announced a partnership with Riverence, the largest land-based producer of steelhead and rainbow trout in the U.S., to feed the fish with Benson Hill soy ingredients. 

Benson Hill says the move will enhance the sustainability of aquaculture supply chains. The company’s proprietary soybean varieties expressing Ultra-High Protein and low anti-nutrient levels reduce the need for processing steps to concentrate protein levels. 

The ingredients derived from Ultra-High Protein varieties demonstrate equivalent performance to a Soy Protein Concentrate-based diet in salmon and trout, as measured by Feed Conversion Ratio. 

Benson Hill’s proprietary ingredients will be incorporated into the aquaculture diets manufactured by Riverence’s preferred supplier Rangen, a brand of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition. 

Aquaculture provides over half of the seafood for human consumption globally and is the fastest-growing food production sector. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, aquaculture is expected to overtake capture production in 2027 and account for 52 percent of all fish production for all uses by 2030.

(Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)