Midwest lawmakers Thursday introduced legislation to overhaul the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ process for managing water resource projects along the lower Missouri River system. 

Senators from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska introduced the bill to establish a new program that would require the Corps of Engineers to implement a system-wide approach to water development projects to reduce flood risk and improve flood protection along the lower Missouri River. 

Iowa Republican Joni Ernst says, that, “As evidenced by the recurring flooding in the lower basin, the current approach is not working.” 

Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt says the bill gives the Corps of Engineers the “ability to develop a comprehensive system plan to design and build critical flood control projects that will do a better job of protecting people and property.” 

The lawmakers say the proposal provides greater efficiencies and streamlining with regard to how the Corps plans for and manages Missouri River water resource development projects from inception to completion.