Growth Energy calls New York’s move to E15 a “major regulatory victory” that will open the nation’s fourth-largest fuel market to E15 Under a rule finalized Wednesday by the New York Department of Agriculture. 

New York will become the newest state to allow the sale of E15, which is approved for all vehicles model year 2001 and newer. 

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the organization “looks forward to working with retailers across the state to quickly get E15 into the market.” 

Over the last five years, Growth Energy has worked together with community leaders, retailers, farm advocates, and biofuel supporters across New York to push for an update to the state’s fuel regulations. 

Western New York Energy President and CEO Timothy Winters says the update “will allow more New York motorists to make their own decisions about purchasing renewable fuel blends.” 

Last month, American drivers topped 11 billion miles on E15, and adoption rates continue to rise following recent regulatory changes by the EPA to permit year-round sales of the fuel.