Senator Chuck Grassley this week invited Gina McCarthy to visit his home state to learn about renewable fuel production and overall sustainable energy strategies. 

The Iowa Republican says, “It would be a great opportunity for the Administration to learn just how resilient the middle of the country can be.” 

McCarthy, former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator during the Obama administration, now serves as the White House National Climate Advisor for President Joe Biden. 

In 2009, Grassley invited McCarthy, who had never been to a farm before, to visit Iowa to learn about corn and soybean farming technology and see firsthand how Iowa farmers contribute to clean energy production. 

Since then, Iowa’s agriculture and energy industry has continued to expand. Iowa now ranks second in the nation for wind energy production, leading the nation with the highest wind power share. 

In 2019, wind turbines in Iowa generated more electricity than the state’s coal-fired power plants for the first time.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)