A new poll finds farmers are optimistic for 2020, despite a challenging 2019. 

The DTN/Progressive Farmer Agriculture Confidence Index rose to 164.1 in December 2019, significantly higher than the Index of 110.2 in March and the December 2018 level of 109.2. 

The long, drawn-out, challenging crop year, along with trade battles, didn’t dampen their mood for the future, or their feelings about the Trump administration. 

About 75 percent of farmers said that if the 2020 presidential election was held at that time, they would vote to reelect the current administration. 

About a quarter said they would likely not vote for the current administration. 

Farmers were surveyed in mid-to-late December, when President Donald Trump announced a phase one trade agreement with China, and the House of Representatives approved the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, sending the trade deal to the Senate. 

The DTN/Progressive Farmer Agriculture Confidence Index is conducted three times a year, before planting, before harvest, and before the end of the year.