Cargill is making a jump into the plant-based protein business. 

The global giant announced plans to sell its private-label plant-based patties and ground products to retailers and restaurants beginning in early April. 

Cargill says the offerings are part of its “new approach” to the future of the protein market, and they predict protein demand will jump by 70 percent over the next three decades. 

The plant-based products were developed and will be manufactured in Cargill facilities. 

The company’s managing director of the alternative protein team says they’ve created some of the “best-tasting products available in the plant-based category.” 

However, it doesn’t mean that Cargill is going to a 100 percent plant-based protein production plant. 

Brian Sikes, the leader of Cargill’s global protein and salt business says, “We need to keep all protein options on the table. Whether people are eating alternative or animal protein, Cargill intends to be right there at the center of the plate.”