Bunge last week announced the sale of its share of an ethanol production facility. Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, or SIRE, repurchased Bunge’s membership units effective December 31, 2019. 

The purchase was made under the terms of the Bunge Membership Interest Purchase Agreement and ends Bunge’s 13-year ownership interest in SIRE. 

Andrés Martín, North America country manager for Bunge, stated, “As Bunge focuses our resources on our core businesses, selling our shares in SIRE, while maintaining a relationship, is an attractive opportunity.” 

SIRE is located on 275 acres in Council Bluffs, Iowa, operating an ethanol plant that is permitted to produce 140 million gallons per year. 

In addition to the stock repurchase, SIRE will assume responsibility for originating corn and selling dried distillers grains produced by the plant. 

Under a revised agreement, Bunge will continue to purchase all of the ethanol produced by SIRE. 

SIRE will also continue to lease rail cars from Bunge under existing lease agreements.