Image courtesy WRAP

In the most recent funding cycle, PrimeWest Health Community Reinvestment Program has granted WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP) $279,509.86 over two years to address social isolation by improving access to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), including personal transportation stability, and improving access to behavioral health care (mental health and substance use disorders) for those who have or are experiencing intimate partner violence and/or trafficking.

WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP) provides safety options, shelter, and advocacy and referral services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sexual assault* and their children, within the rural counties of Lincoln, Lyon, Redwood & Yellow Medicine.

Funding from PrimeWest Health will provide WRAP with improvement in agency transportation options, the ability to address barriers identified by the clients WRAP serves regarding personal transportation stability, increase agency capacity, and increase financial resources specifically dedicated to addressing the barriers identified by clients caused by social isolation such as improving access to communication devices and internet service.