Recreation trails in Beaver Falls and Skalbekken County Parks will now be groomed during the winter to allow for walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fat-tire biking and other non-motorized recreational uses.

Jesse Diehn, Renville County Parks Manager, stated, “The trails will be groomed with two sets of parallel ski tracks, allowing for two people to classic ski on one half of the track.  The other half will be hard packed for walking, snowshoeing and other non-motorized uses.”

The grooming effort is the result of a collaboration between the Renville County HRA/EDA and Renville County Parks Departments.  The trail will follow the park road in both parks, providing a 1.5-mile trail in Skalbekken and a 2-mile trail in Beaver Falls.

“After surveying the public to see if they would use groomed trails in our county parks, and with a majority response of yes, we are excited to offer this new activity in Renville County.” shared Janette Wertish, Renville County HRA/EDA Board Chair.

The first initial snowpack took place on January 24.  The trails are ready to be used for snowshoeing, walking and fat-tire biking.  Due to the low amount of snowfall to date, the parallel ski tracks have not yet been set for cross-country skiing.  Once the ski tracks are ready, it will be announced on the Parks Facebook page and website.  Grooming will take place as needed to keep the trails in good condition.

Visitors are encouraged to park in the horse camp in Skalbekken and at the south entrance in Beaver Falls.  Maps showing the groomed trail routes are posted at all trail entrances and along the route and are available to print online at<>.  The park shelters and restrooms remain available for visitor use.  Entrance into the county parks and use of the groomed trails is free for day use.