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The traditional Wilder Pageant presented in Walnut Grove every year is developing a series of new scripts that will expand the story over three years. New scenes and expanded details will create a fuller picture of the Ingalls family’s life during their time in Walnut Grove.

As it currently stands, the Wilder Pageant is an outdoor drama based on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Walnut Grove.  It is a live performance each night with all characters from the Walnut Grove area. Laura narrates the story, reflecting on her life in Walnut Grove in the 1870’s. The Wilder Pageant this year runs on July 9-10, 16-17, and 23-24.
As part of the project, the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SMAC) awarded the organizers a grant to develop a trilogy of new scripts to tell a more complete story over a three years play cycle.   Writers Mark Rosenwinkel and William Richards have begun the rewrite, based on research by William Anderson and Pamela Smith Hill.  The organizers say, “If you have an idea for a scene, we would be happy to hear from you.”
SMAC has also provided an equipment grant allowing the purchase of two moving head light fixtures to add to the flexibility and continued updating of the Wilder Outdoor Theater Light system. In addition, the project will support up to three young Hmong writers who want to tell their families immigrant stories. These works will be shared on Facebook Live as a Reader’s Theater event as they become available.