Rep. Matt Grossell, of Clearbrook is one of the sponsors of the Rocks and Cows Act. Image courtesy Rep. Grossell’s office.

Greater Minnesota legislators in the Minnesota House of Representatives have introduced the Rocks and Cows Act. The act would would create a State Boundary Adjustment Planning Commission to study and make recommendations on a pathway for North and South Dakota to annex desiring counties into their respective borders.

As taxes continue to raise and decision-making gets centralized around the metro many are looking for some independence. Economic relief, and hearing the voices of rural communities, are goals of this legislation. “We are standing up for the future of our families as Minnesota trends towards such extremes on tax and social policy,” said Rep. Matt Grossell, of Clearbrook, about his motivation for leading the charge on the Rocks and Cows Act.

Elected officials in both North and Sound Dakota have already been contacted to discuss the future this legislation could bring for their states. “I look forward to finding a solution that is amicable to everyone involved and provides a prosperous future for all of our states,” stated Rep. Grossell.

This would create a bipartisan commission with members appointed by both the majority and minority in the House and Senate as well as by the Governor. These members will seek input from stakeholders and expertise from other states that have proposed similar boundary changes.