A bystander caught a photo of Redwood Falls police arresting three at the intersection of County Road 1 and Industrial Drive Tuesday evening.

Three Redwood Falls men were arrested Tuesday evening for possession of drugs and paraphernalia in a vehicle they were riding in.

At about 6 p.m. on March 9, a Redwood Falls police officer received information that Lino Todd Brothers, age 48, was then currently driving a vehicle believed to have two occupants with active arrest warrents. Law enforcement made a traffic stop on the vehicle Brothers was in at the corner of County Road 1 and Industrial Drive in Redwood Falls.

Police officers located a handbag on the front dash where Brothers was seated, containing what investigation revealed was methamphetimine, psychodelic mushrooms, and marijuana, in addition to Brothers’ drivers licence and other identifying documents. Brothers admitted the handbag was his. Brothers has a prior controlled substance conviction from Redwood County court.

Also arrested on the scene were John Donald Stillson, age 26, and Timothy Shawn Roth, age 28, both of Redwood Falls.