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A South Dakota man, Ramiro Julian Cavazos, age 44, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for felony-level check forgery and threats of violence.
According to court records, on Oct. 31, 2022, the Redwood Falls Police Department from a victim claiming she had been repeatedly harassed over the phone by Cavazos claiming he was going to shoot her. The victim and a witness stated he had called multiple times, and that had recorded one of the conversations. Officers were able to confirm Cavazos made multiple death threats.
About three months later, on Jan 26, 2023, the Redwood Falls Police Department received a call from a business stating someone had made an unauthorized purchase for $676 on a farm account. Surveillance video from the store verified by two witnesses turned up an image of Cavazos making the purchase.
Court video showed Cavazos was in Redwood Falls for a court appearance the day the unauthorized purchase was made. Court video showed Cavazos was wearing the same clothing he was wearing at the store later in the day.
On April 1, Cavazos was sentenced to a total of 45 days local confinement, three years supervised probation, and fines and fees of $1,349.