Image courtesy Red Cross

Redwood Falls has hosted 186 blood drives over the years, collecting 22,643 units of blood for an average of 122 units per drive.

Earlier this week, the Red Cross Bloodmobile collected 196 units, pretty good considering blood drives nationwide are hurting.
According to Redwood Falls organizer Julie Rath, two-day goal was for 210 units. There were 23 no-shows, partially made up for by 14 walk-in donors. Fifteen potential donors were deferred.

The next Redwood Falls Blood Drive will be held January 15 and 16, 2024 from NOON to 6 p.m. at the Redwood Area Community Center. Rath stated that as of Thursday, Oct. 19, 127 people have registered for the January blood drive, with 123 openings to go.

Thomas Amberg, Carol Jenniges, Justin Diede, Krista Polla, Miriam Schliewe, Makenna Serbus, Curtis Pasch, Sheila Woelfel, Baylee Fischer, Bailey Schmidt, Sawyer Erickson, Christie Larson, Alyssa Hammerschmidt, Stacey Draeger, Frances Hauge

MILESTONE DONORS — October 16 & 17

One gallon:, Andrea Iverson, Craig Serbus, Katherine McGill
Two gallon: Doug Bunting
Three gallon: Peggy Dolezal
Six gallon: Alan Liebl, Mitchell Farmer, Heather Smith
Seven gallon: Don Stellmacher, Krista Polla, Daniel Faugstad
Nine gallon: Fredrick Bloedow
11 gallon: Thor Kaardal, Mary Petersen
12 gallon: Thomas Balko. Sr, Chad Johnson, Kent Runkel, Alycen Stewig
13 gallon: Diane Radel
14 gallon: Denis Goblirsch
16 gallon: Jim Boots, Scott Evink, Sandra Faulds
18 gallon: Scott Hylland