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A Redwood Falls woman, Wynonah Lynn Flores, age 21, has been sentenced in Redwood County Court for domestic assault with a knife.

According to court documents, on May 8 of last year, the Redwood Falls Police Department was called to a residence on a report of domestic assault. One officer spoke to Flores at the residence while another officer spoke to the victim at a nearby convenience store. The victim stated he and Flores had been baking a cake together in the kitchen and got into an argument. He said Flores punched him several times, then grabbed a steak knife and began cutting her own wrist. The victim stated she then raised the knife to her shoulder as if to strike with it, and asked him if he felt threatened. The victim stated he left the apartment, and that Flores had chased after him for several blocks.

When Flores spoke to the other officer separately, she confirmed details of the victim’s description, including having cuts on her wrist. Flores has a prior 2019 charge of assault in the fifth degree.

On July 24, Flores was sentenced to a total of 364 days local confinement, stayed for three years, three years supervised probation, and fines and fees of $435.