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A Redwood Falls woman, Ashley Ann Ose, age 37, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for felony-level aiding an offender to avoid arrest.

According to the court documents, on Feb. 2 of this year, a Redwood Falls police officer responded to a Redwood Falls residence to complete a check on an offender with multiple active felony warrants for his arrest in Redwood and Renville County.

As police officers approached the residence, they noted the offender enter the back door and lock it behind himself despite being hailed by officers. The officers eventually gained access to the residence, and the offender was taken into custody. Moments later, Ose exited the home and gave the offender a hug.

Law enforcement had informed Ose multiple times in previous months that she could be criminally charged with aiding an offender with active felony warrants if she assisted in his evading law enforcement.

On Aug. 28, Ose was sentenced to supervised probation for two years, 56 hours community service, and fines and fees of $335.